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Boston Heart Labs/Advanced Cholesterol Panels

Begin your journey to a healthy heart—know and manage your risk of heart disease

Boston Heart’s approach to heart disease risk stratification and treatment optimization is different than any other laboratory.

We’ve developed a unique set of specialized blood tests broken into four categories—lipids, inflammation, metabolics, genetics—that help you better understand your heart disease or risk of disease. Within these four categories we have five tests exclusive to Boston Heart designed to uncover specific and important information about your heart health — Boston Heart HDL Map®, Boston Heart Cholesterol Balance®, Boston Heart Prediabetes Assessment®, Boston Heart Statin Induced Myopathy (SLCO1B1) Genotype, and Boston Heart Fatty Acid Balance™.

These special tests help you and your healthcare provider better understand your heart health, best medication options, and overall disease risk factors. With these diagnostic insights, your provider can create a targeted therapy and lifestyle plan that will best help you achieve your heart health goals.

The Boston Heart Lifestyle Program combines your blood test results and personal preferences for food and exercise to create a fully customized nutrition and activity plan just for you.



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