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Mission Statement

To be a true Medical Home for our patients, providing them with excellent medical care


Patient Centered Medical Home

You may have heard lately about a concept called Patient Centered Medical Home and wondered what this means. The Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is not a place but an approach to providing continuous, comprehensive, coordinated care. It consists of a partnership between patients and their personal healthcare team, as part of an integrated medical neighborhood. The Medical Home emphasizes whole person orientation with coordinated and/or integrated care across all elements of the complex health care system.

It also involves enhanced access to make it easier for patients to contact their personal healthcare team. The Medical Home encompasses improved quality and safety by promoting prevention, proactively managing chronic illness, engaging patients in their care to attain optimum health, and using electronic systems to support this work.

The Patient Centered Medical Home is based on years of research that supports the need to bolster and reorganize how primary care is delivered. By following a patient-centric approach, every segment of the health care system stands to benefit: patients, providers, employers and payers. Lone Tree Family Practice is proud to announce that they have received national recognition by NCQA as a Patient Centered Medical Home since 2009.



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